ODYSSEUS aims at unlocking Space business with cost effective solutions. 

The company develops technologies geared to enable the use of small satellites for deep space exploration while addressing the small satellite constellations market



By 2022, ODYSSEUS will provide 3 essentials solutions for the future of smallsats missions: Autonomous Guidance Navigation & Control, optical communications and propulsion systems. With existing and new partners, ODYSSEUS plans to contribute to other technology developments required to explore the solar system with small satellites.





ODYSSEUS was created in 2016, by space professionals with extensive experience in space agencies, research institutions and nanosatellite industries in Europe and Asia.


ODYSSEUS team members have already participated in 15+ small satellite missions from 7 different countries. 8 have been already successfully launched and operated.


Located in Taiwan, ODYSSEUS benefits from its partnership with the high tech campus of the National Cheng Kung University which provides access to its latest research and development facilities and expertise in small satellites.


Since 2019, ODYSSEUS moved the major part of its activities to Luxembourg after winning the 2018 Space Resources Award. ODYSSEUS focuses on developing optical communications and autonomous navigation technologies there. 


Additionally to its smallsats technologies development, ODYSSEUS provides support at all phases, from feasibility studies to space operations, for space activities in Asia and Europe, with a focus on small satellites and related novel deep space and swarm solutions


ODYSSEUS is playing a major role in enhancing and facilitating international cooperation between Asia and the rest of the world in order to put together innovative concepts and technologies to push back the boundaries of what is currently feasible with nanosatellites missions.


ODYSSEUS aims at providing innovative technologies and solutions for the future of small satellite missions (constellations & deep space exploration). 

The following smallsat technologies are part of ODYSSEUS interest and development plan:

  • AI for increased spacecraft autonomy 
  • Optical communications for high data rates & secured communications 
  • Compact & modular propulsion solutions for attitude & orbit control